ECT Professional Progress Review Template

Early Career Teacher

Professional Progress Review Template

Below is a form which induction tutors can use to complete professional progress reviews of Early Career Teachers (ECTs) in any term where a formal assessment is not required (terms 1, 2, 4 and 5). Further guidance is available on GOV.UK.

This form will be completed electronically by the induction tutor on our ECT portal if using The Golden Thread TSH as your Appropriate Body.

Form handling advice

  • This form is for the member of staff assigned as the induction tutor for an ECT to complete
  • Only a summary of the evidence considered in reviewing the ECT’s progress is required. There is no need to reproduce all the evidence in detail
  • In all instances, the headteacher/principal, ECT and their designated mentor will be able to access the completed form via our ECT portal.
  • If an ECT is deemed not to be on track to meet the relevant standards, please contact the appropriate body immediately to discuss further support and the next steps.

Personal details and induction details

Full name of Early

Career Teacher (ECT)

ECT Teacher Reference Number (TRN)
ECT date of birth


School/Academy name
Induction tutor name and role
Mentor name and role
Progress review period start date
Progress review period end date
Term 1 / 2 / 4 / 5 / Other?
Is the ECT full-time or part-time? (Give the FTE if PT)FT / PT
Days absent in this period  


Professional Progress Review period details

Professional Progress Reviews are expected to take place in any term in which a formal assessment is not scheduled (adjusted to FTE if the ECT is part-time).

1. At formal assessment points and to successfully complete induction, the ECT’s performance against the Teaching Standards will be assessed. Based on current performance and rate of progress, is the ECT on track to successfully complete induction by the end of their induction?

Yes / No

2. Give brief details for the reason(s) for your answer to question (1). Where an ECT is deemed not to be on track to successfully complete induction, list any teaching standards (including personal and professional conduct) where there is cause for concern and how any evidence supports that concern.

Use this box for the answer

3. If the ECT is not on track to successfully complete induction, has the ECT been informed?

Yes / No

4. If the ECT is not on track to successfully complete induction, has a support plan been put in place? (If yes, please attach the support plan)

Yes / Not yet

5. Has the ECT continued to access a programme of support based on the Early Career Framework and received all of their statutory entitlements? (If no, please explain why an ECF-based induction has not been accessed or why statutory entitlements have not been met)

Yes / No

6. Is the ECT expected to remain at this school for the duration of the next term?

Yes / No

If ‘No’ and the ECT is due to complete induction at another establishment, please also provide the leaving date (if known) and details of the establishment where the ECT will continue induction. An interim formal assessment may instead be required in order to give a fuller picture of the ECT’s progress to date to the new institution and/or appropriate body.

Use this box for the answer

Teacher comments

Use this section for the early career teacher to make any brief comments themselves.

Use this box for the answer

 Section 3 – Signatures

Induction tutor. This progress review was completed by:


Early Career Teacher.



In all instances, copies of this professional progress review should be provided to the ECT and their designated mentor (they can access this via our ECT portal).

If the answer given to questions (1), (3), (5) or (6) is ‘No’, or if the appropriate body has requested a copy, copies should also be provided to the headteacher/principal and appropriate body. Additionally, appropriate bodies are able to request copies of any ECT’s progress review forms. The headteacher/principal and appropriate body can access this via our ECT portal.