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Webinar Recordings

Please click here for guidance on registering a new school on ECT Manager (March 2024)

Please click here for the recording How to complete an ECT assessment on ECT Manager (15 November 2023)

Please click here for the recording Introduction to ECT Manager (03 July 2023)

Please click here for the recording from Best Practice Network Updates to ECF Programme (29 June 2023)

Please click here for the recording from Best Practice Network Welcome to Canvas (Sep 2022)

Please click here for the recording of ECTs starting year 1 induction (26 May 2022)

Please click here for the recording of ECTs starting year 2 induction (07 June 2022)

Please click here for the recording of Revisiting the Role of the Induction Tutor (Summer 2021)

Please click here for the recording of ECF Induction Tutor Welcome (Best Practice Network – Summer 2021)

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact TSH@painsley.staffs.sch.uk if you cannot find the answer to your question here!

Please click here for our Appropriate Body charges for 2023-2024.


PLEASE CLICK HERE for more information regarding the DfE Appropriate Body Reforms announcementJanuary 2023


Where can I find guidance on how to write the Professional Progress Review/Formal Assessment? What should I include?

Please click here to read our guidance. There is also a webinar recording you can watch too.

Click here for guidance on how to upload evidence on ECT Manager

I’ve forgotten my login details for the ECT Manager portal. What do I need to do?

You will need to ensure your Headteacher or Induction Tutor have completed the “Register your school” section and added you as a user. You can reset your details on the login page. Please remember to check your junk folder as the email is automated. Mentors do not require a log in for ECT Manager.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact the TSH team for further assistance.


We have an ECT joining us who will be starting year 2. How do we transfer their information?

Induction Tutors need to register their ECTs and ECMs (mentors) on the DfE Online Service:


Best Practice Network will contact your ECTs and ECMs directly to obtain the additional information they need in order to allocate the groups.

You will need to formally instruct The Golden Thread Teaching School Hub to act as the Appropriate Body for the ECT induction. This can be done on ECT Manager.


Our ECT is leaving to work at another school. How do we transfer their information and how is the funding arranged?

You will need to update the DfE and Best Practice Network for the ECF element. The funding arrangements will be picked up via the workforce census.

For the Appropriate Body element, please email tsh@painsley.staffs.sch.uk to inform the team. Please complete their report on ECT Manager as normal. If a professional progress review is due, the system will automatically update this to an interim assessment when you enter the details that the ECT will not be staying at your school for their next assessment period. It is the responsibility of the new school to instruct a new Appropriate Body or request the existing one continues.


Can the same person act as the Induction Tutor and the mentor (ECM)?

The Induction Tutor is normally a Senior Leader and only in exceptional circumstances (for example, small schools) and with the agreement of the Appropriate Body, the Induction Tutor and Mentor roles can be carried out by the same individual. Please be aware that they are two separate roles. If you would like to discuss this for your setting, please contact the team directly tsh@painsley.staffs.sch.uk so we can advise on an individual basis.


Should the ECM be given time during the working day to carry out meetings with their ECT or are they expected to do this in their own time?

ECT time and mentor funding is allocated for attending professional development through Best Practice Network (ECF lead provider). We would expect mentor meetings to happen during the school day where possible, but recognise that this can not happen on occasions.


With regards to the school visit in year 2, can this be at a school within the same MAT?

Yes, it can. We advise that the two visits are approximately for 2 hours each.


Do we need to re-register our current ECT who is starting year 2?

If all details remain the same, you do not need to re-register. If there is a change to the ECM, Induction Tutor, Principal etc. you can update this yourself on ECT Manager but please do contact us directly if you need further support.


What are the timetable requirements for an ECT’s PPA and induction time?

In year 1, an ECT must not teach more than 90% of the timetable of the school’s existing teachers on the main pay range and no more than 95% in year 2. This is in addition to the timetable reduction in respect of PPA time that all teachers receive.


When will be receive the dates for the ECF sessions?

Your ECT and ECM will have access to their training dates under the Events section on their Best Practice Network dashboard once their applications have been processed and they have been allocated to a group.

Please check all dates carefully. If your ECT or ECM are not able to attend a particular session due to a school calendar clash, please contact tsh@painsley.staffs.sch.uk to discuss alternative groups available. It is a DfE expectation that all ECF sessions are attended in person. Attendance and engagement are monitored by the lead provider and can have an effect on the funding received if they drop below a certain level.


When we register our ECT with you for the Appropriate Body, how will you know whether the ECT is in year 1 or year 2?

When we claim the ECT for induction with the Teaching Regulation Agency, we can see from their record whether they have already started an ECT induction and if so, the start date and how many terms have been completed. We can also see if the ECT has QTS status and the date this was obtained.


When will our school receive the ECF funding?

Eligible schools receive their core funding for year 1 through the dedicated school grant (DSG).

Funding for year 2 is paid directly to eligible schools in the summer of year 2.

Please click here for more details.


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