How to register your ECT

How to register your ECT

In order for your ECT to begin their induction, you will need to complete the following steps:

1. Register with The Golden Thread TSH as your Appropriate Body

Please click here to complete the registration form.

2. Register with the DfE

Please click here to use this service to set up a 2-year ECF-based training programme for your early career teachers (ECTs).

Sign in to this service to tell the DfE:

  • how you want to run your training
  • which accredited materials or training provider you’ll use
  • which ECTs and mentors will take part

Your induction tutor can use this service to:

  • tell us whether or not you expect ECTs to join your school
  • nominate someone else to be your school’s induction tutor
  • change how your school runs your training programme
  • tell us that an ECT is transferring from another school, and let us know how you want them to continue their training

For assistance, please telephone 0370 000 2288 or email

3. Register with Best Practice Network

If you have chosen to use a DfE-funded training provider to provide the ECF training to your ECT and mentor, you will need to register your details with our lead provider, Best Practice Network.

Please click here to register your school with Best Practice Network if this is your first ECT.

The team at Best Practice Network will contact your ECT and mentor directly, using the information on your DfE registration, to complete their ECF registrations.


If you have any queries regarding the registration process, please contact us and a member of the ECT team will be happy to assist you. 

If your ECT has completed Year 1 of their induction and is staying in the same setting for Year 2, their induction will continue and you will not need to re-register any details.