Roles & Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

Organisation Role 

The headteacher is responsible for: 

  • Notifying the Appropriate Body when an ECT is taking up a post in which they will be undertaking induction; 
  • Agreeing, in advance of the ECT starting the induction programme, which body will act as the Appropriate Body; 
  • Appointing an Induction Tutor 
  • Appointing an appropriate Mentor  
  • Ensuring that both ECT and Mentor are provided the required release time 
  • Ensuring engagement and programme attendance of the ECT and ECM 
  • Making a recommendation to the Appropriate Body on whether the ECT’s performance against the Teachers’ Standards is satisfactory or requires an extension; 
  • Participating appropriately in the Appropriate Body’s quality assurance procedures 
Induction Tutor 

The induction tutor is responsible for: 

  • Ensuring that the ECT has access to the ECF entitlement and is engaging with the programme 
  • Making rigorous and fair judgements about the ECT’s progress in relation to the Teachers’ Standards through progress reviews and formal assessments 
  • Ensuring that the ECT’s teaching is observed and feedback provided 
  • Taking prompt, appropriate action if an ECT appears to be having difficulties; and 
Mentor (ECM) 

Mentors will be expected to:  

  • Attend weekly structured mentoring sessions with early career teachers  
  • Support, develop and challenge early career teachers  
  • Support the wellbeing of early career teachers and support a healthy work/life balance  


Early Career Teacher (ECT) 

The ECT will be expected to: 

  • Engage with the full scope of the Early Career Framework which will support them during their two-year induction period.  
  • Attend online conferences at the start of each year – to engage with early career teachers, outline expectations and facilitate the development of peer networks. With keynotes and workshops from leading practitioners  
  • Attend face-to-face training hosted by local delivery partners with local expert facilitators  
  • Complete self-directed study – which enables ECTs to delve into ECF content most relevant to themselves  
  • Attend mentor sessions – with structured content and a safe space to reflect on progress 
  • raise any concerns with their induction tutor as soon as practicable; 
  • consult their Appropriate Body named contact at an early stage if there are, or may be, difficulties in resolving issues with their tutor/within the institution; 
  • keep track of and participate effectively in the scheduled classroom observations, progress reviews and formal assessment meetings; 


Please click here to download the DfE Statutory Guidance. Section 3 details Roles and Responsibilities and 3.3 Monitoring of Support.