Behaviour Training – Session 1 of 4 (Virtual)

Behaviour Training – Spring 2023 MG


Behaviour Training – suitable for professionals in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of teaching

Join Mark Goodwin for our FREE webinar sessions to learn ways to implement behaviour strategies in your classroom.

Specifically designed for teachers new to the profession, by the end of the sessions, you will:

  • Know and understand your students and their influences and use this to motivate and engage them in learning What experienced teachers have learned about behaviour; Behaviour mantras; Student resistance to learning and how to challenge it; Support V challenge – the key to a balanced relationship with your class; Binds of poverty – key pointers from research; SEMH and well-being; Disconnected kids – boys focus; “That kid”; Solutions focused – 2 quick behaviour wins.
  • Use practical learning behaviours alongside managing misbehaviours Support v Challenge; The power of “yet” – growth mindset; Set your stall out (expectations, visual clues, reminders, meet and greet); Why are we here? (expectations and school values, pillars, be better, be teachable); Clear the path (double lesson plan, what is in it for me?, memory strategies, retrieval and recap, WAGOLL and WABOLL), Cookie jar principle
  • Use classroom management strategies to support good classroom behaviour The emotionally agile and empowered teacher; SAWUBONA teacher student relationships for learning; Rules; De-escalation strategies; Follow up/call for help
  • Use targeted approaches to meet the needs of individuals in your classroom Working with family and community to complete the collaborative triangle; Student intervention road map; Establish – Maintain – Restore model; The cookie jar in practice; Mistakes – how to turn them into teachable moments; Consequences – a different way of looking at rewards and sanctions; Responsibility and resilience – student superpowers; The blank page – every kid needs a second chance!

All sessions will take place virtually and all 4 must be attended to complete the course.

  • 4-5pm Monday 9th January 2023
  • 4-5pm Monday 16th January 2023
  • 4-5pm Monday 23rd January 2023
  • 4-5pm Monday 30th January 2023

Mark has over 20 years experience as a teacher, school leader, trainer and coach. Mark is the founder of Equal Parts Education a company that delivers a turn around programme for permanently excluded students across the Midlands, as well as working in partnership with schools and universities to  deliver training and coaching to staff at all stages of their careers. Mark currently works as Director of Behaviour & Well Being for the Mercian Trust.




Jan 09 2023


4:00 am - 5:00 pm