English Hub – Choosing & Using a Broad Range of Children’s Literature & Developing Progressive Text Maps

Choosing and Using a Broad Range of Children’s Literature and Developing Progressive Text Maps

Venue: Little Sutton English Hub, B75 5NL 

A day designed for leaders and teachers alike to consider the range of reading experience they are providing for children whether through direct instruction (English and reading lessons, books read aloud) or via the books available to the children to choose from as they develop the reading habit. Ruth will explore fiction, non-fiction and poetry (with maybe the odd graphic novel thrown in), from contemporary and highly claimed authors. As part of this day, Ruth will also look at how texts should be mapped across a year group and the whole school to ensure that the content, complexity and interest level of books are progressive, supporting learners at all stages of their reading journey.

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May 17 2024


9:15 am - 3:15 pm