STEM Learning – Adapted Teaching & Effective Learning Interventions in Secondary Computing

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Getting computing education back on track, for all students, is an urgent priority requiring informed planning and implementation. Teaching and learning in computing has been challenging, with some aspects of subject knowledge and skills put under real pressure.

This CPD takes the best evidence and practice for education recovery and applies it to computing, with a spotlight on effective and sustainable approaches to subject-specific challenges and issues. You’ll look at the importance of accurate assessment to inform teaching the curriculum. By applying the science of learning, you’ll develop a plan to fill gaps in knowledge and improve long term recall. To maximise the impact of targeted interventions you’ll consider how to make best use of your own time, and how to use resources including tutoring and teaching assistants. Going beyond subject knowledge to social, emotional and motivational aspects, you’ll gain confidence that your actions support the whole child and lead to lasting success and well-being.


May 13 2022


All Day