ITaP – Intensive Teaching and Practice

What are ITaPs?

ITaPs are specific and focused elements of the teacher training curriculum. They are intended to help consolidate trainees’ knowledge of key evidence-based principles for effective teaching, and to enable them to practise their application and integration into their developing professional practice. It should therefore be designed to give trainees appropriate input, scaffolded practice and feedback in relation to selected foundational and specific aspects of the training curriculum where close attention to and control of content, critical analysis, application and feedback are required. The ITaP focuses themselves have been developed alongside local need, following discussions with local schools. There will be four of these ITaPs across the academic year, each with five sessions.

All ITaP topics have been developed in line with local need – for next year, they will be focusing on the following areas over the course of five sessions. Some of these will take place at the university and some in placement schools:

  • Behaviour
  • Adaptive Teaching
  • Oracy
  • Modelling

KNSTE will also deliver ITaPs for our primary trainees, focusing again on areas of local need.

Why do we have ITaPs?

The ITT market review report (2021), informed by a range of literature and research on effective ITT, subsequently recommended the implementation of an ‘intensive training and practice’ element (ITaP) into ITT programmes, which would provide the opportunity for trainees to practise specific techniques for effective teaching – outside of the more general classroom experience. Such an element would also consolidate trainees’ understanding of how research and evidence inform and shape practice, whilst allowing them to receive highly targeted feedback from experts.

What is the purpose of ITAPs?

The main aim of ITAPs is to strengthen the link between evidence and classroom practice and they are created following conversations around local need. Some elements of ITAP will need to take place in a school environment alongside those sessions which will take place at the university. ITAP may also include the use of approximations of practice and elements delivered directly (face-to-face) by the ITT Provider (Staffordshire University) or virtually.

Who will lead them?

ITAPs will be led and supported by an appropriate range of experts. By ‘expert’ the definition used in the Core Content Framework is applied – professional colleagues, including:

  • University Tutors
  • Experienced and effective teachers
  • Subject specialists
  • Mentors/Lead Mentors
  • University Lecturers

In some situations, lead mentors may well be best placed to identify appropriate expert input for school-based elements of ITAP.