Overview of Intensive Training and Practice – applicable to both PGCE students and Apprentice Teachers

Modelling Intensive Training and Practice

This focus on modelling and explanations will enable PGCE students and apprentices to support pupils’ learning and schemas within their phase or subject. This Intensive Training and Practice has a narrow focus examining the importance of clear explanations and modelling within the classroom. The key will be the development of apprentices’ ability to deliver engaging, concise, and appropriate levels of challenge for all pupils to understand the concepts being taught (Coe et al. 2020). The use of models to allow pupils to make connections and links to their learning, not only supports memory recall but also helps pupils to understand new information quickly (Rosenshine, 2012).

Oracy Intensive Training and Practice

This Intensive Training and Practice focuses on oracy. It has been selected due to the high importance of enabling PGCE students and apprentices to communicate effectively with their pupils, setting high standards of literacy, with an emphasis on oracy. The significance of this focus in meeting the challenges face by Stoke and surrounding areas with respect to literacy, is identified in the Stoke-on-Trent’s Social Mobility Plan documents and the work being done through Stoke Reads (National Literacy Trust) and Stoke Speaks Out. Developing apprentices’ key literacy and oracy skills will enable them to effectively support pupils in developing their own skills which will directly impact on their progress across all phases and subjects (DfE, 2013).

Behaviour Intensive Training and Practice

This Intensive Training and Practice focus on behaviour is aimed at developing both PGCE students’ and apprentices’ confidence and competence at effectively managing the teaching and learning taking place within their classrooms. There is a focus on the establishment and maintenance of clear routines aimed at creating a safe and stimulating environment for all pupils, rooted in mutual respect. The importance of setting high expectations of self and others is further explored, along with the effective use of positive praise and the nature and role of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation within the classroom.

Adapting Teaching Intensive Training and Practice 

This final Intensive Training and Practice will focus on the role PGCE students and apprentices will play in adapting their teaching to meet the needs of all pupils whilst ensuring challenge. Drawing from experience gained during their on the job training and from university-based sessions, PGCE students and apprentices will earn how to plan beyond simply creating different tasks for pupils, which adds to their workload and does not necessarily have a positive impact on pupils’ progress and attainment. Drawing from the ITT Core Content Framework, this ITAP will focus enabling PGCE students and apprentices to adapting their teaching in a responsive way, including by providing targeted support to pupils who are struggling to maximise their progress whilst having positive impact on their behaviour, engagement and motivation.